"If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But, if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." -Aboriginal activist group, Queensland, 1970's

Stay updated on CLP through Facebook

As we develop our new website for launch in September 2011, you can stay up-to-date on CLP happenings in the USA and India via Facebook. Visit our Fan Page, or follow the events and happenings of our young leaders here: www.facebook.com/childleaderproject

What is CLP?

CLP creates safe and engaging spaces for young people and their allies to

- Develop their whole selves

- Address local and global community issues

- Recognize and cultivate personal and collective power

- Build relationships and mentorship sin fronteras

- Access the tools necessary to transform their own lives in community and collaboration with others

We firmly believe that poverty anywhere impacts the right and ability to human flourishing for all individuals. We believe that a just “global village” will require a multi-dimensional process that involves real social and economic investment transcending national borders, that is grounded in community-to-community action, and is sustained by relationships of shared power that encourage innovation, participation, and honor the inherent worth and dignity of all people involved.

CLP@NoVi Youth Prepare for India

CLP@NoVi Youth Prepare for India
9 CLP youth leaders from Norte Vista High School are planning their trip to India to meet CLP youth leaders abroad. All are fundraising their entire trip expenses through community fundraising efforts.

Clinton Global Initiative University-- 2011 and beyond!

The Child Leader Project has been a three-time representative to the Clinton Global Initiative in both 2008, 2009 and 2010!

This April 2011, CLP will send six representatives to the conference:

CLP Interns: Sara Crowder, Francis Gaona, Cheng Ung and Serkadis Krohm

CLP Coordinators: Samantha Wilson and MDS Shiva

CLP has been selected to be highlighted on the MTVu Dean's List-- a special "spotlight" on CGIU Commitments to Action that include an introduction of the team members and a music video that highlights their work.

This year's team has selected Ben Harper's, "With My Own Two Hands." You can watch the video here.

In 2009, CLP has also been acknowledged on-stage at the event as an "exemplary approach to addressing a specific global challenge." CLP was then awarded the "Outstanding Commitment Award" with a $4,000 grant to continue its programming throughout Summer and Winter of 2009.
2010 Press Release: http://newsroom.ucr.edu/news_item.html?action=page&id=2307 Read the 2009 Press Releases: Child Leader Project Represented at CGIU & CLP Wins Outstanding Commitment Award
For information about CGIU, see their website: Clinton Global Initiative University

Thursday, November 12, 2009

December Fundraiser: Book Wrapping Across Riverside!

Help support the vision and fundraise for CLP programs in the USA and INDIA by wrapping books in various locations across Riverside.

You can sign up for an hour, three hours, or days! We appreciate any and all of your support. All funds go towards CLP programs locally and globally that strive to imagine a different world for our universal community.

Sign up here:

For more information, contact Anjali Varigonda @ anjali@childleaderproject.org

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